Family Law

Legal issues that involve family members can be very sensitive and very difficult to deal with on a personal level. We are able to offer you the best legal advice possible to help you get through your difficult time.


About 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. It is unfortunate, but it is the truth. It is something that no one wants to go through, but we are able to walk you through the process and make it more bearable. Divorce cases can be as simple as a few signatures, or can be long drawn out legal battles. There are many variables that can affect the case including:

  • Whether the couple has children
  • How long the couple has been together
  • How many shared assets the couple has
  • How the marriage ended
  • ...and more

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce give us a call. We can give you legal advice and also lead any negotiations that may be a part of the divorce.

Custody Cases

Divorce is difficult for the couple going through it, but it is often even more difficult for any children that may be involved. Joint custody is encouraged in most divorces so that the children can maintain a relationship with each of their parents. Parents may seek sole custody if they feel that their ex-spouse is unfit to be a parent or if their living situation is unfit for children. There can also be some issues if one parent is moving an extended distance from the other. Whatever the case may be we can be of assistance in any legal proceedings associated with child custody cases.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are made before a marriage to address what will happen if the marriage were to end. These are usually agreed to if one or both of the people entering into the marriage is wealthy or has a lot of assets. Different stipulations can be agreed to based on if the couple has children, how long the marriage lasts, the reason for the end of the marriage, and so on. We can help you draw up a pre-nuptial agreement to protect your assets and assure that all parties are taken care of in a fair manner in the event of the termination of the marriage.

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